Humanitarian Advice is a private consultancy company, based in Denmark. The company is owned by Mikael Bjerrum who has 25 years of experiences working with the UN and a number of International NGOs.


A special focus of Humanitarian Advice is food security, both in terms of food crisis response and in terms of securing a sustainable agricultural production. Most recently Mikael Bjerrum has acted as a humanitarian advisor in Ethiopia planning humanitarian interventions and development activities as a response to the drought of the Horn of Africa.

Evaluations, reviews and analysis related to humanitarian interventions and development activities are central activities of the company.

Humanitarian Advice offers assistance within the field of training and coaching, building on participatory approaches. Activities include teambuilding, knowledge sharing, workshops focusing on international humanitarian standards (Sphere and HAP) and conferences on topics related to the international food crisis. Mikael Bjerrum has developed the "Good Practice Guideline on Food Security" for the UK-based NGO, Tearfund.

Humanitarian Advice has profound knowledge of financial management and offers consultancies within the field of financial controlling.

High-quality advices and recommendations are central, with the overall aim of enhancing performance in humanitarian interventions and development activities for the benefit of the poorest.












































Enhancing performance in humanitarian interventions and in development activities is a primary goal of Humanitarian Advice.



Training and coaching

Ackknowledgement of the importance of dedicated and well-educated staff is central as is continous organizational development


Food security

The most important challenge for the world is ensuring that the more than 1 billion people now going hungry to bed every day are being assisted.


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